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The Candid conversations show

Jan 1, 2019

Join me Mjfontaine as I discuss my Year in review the losses and the huge gains to my personal and professional life

I discuss how I increased my clients base and sale within a six month period and 5 keys points to help you to level up.

Mentions Shakti Gawain living in the light

Anna Ziman - Open...

Nov 16, 2018

Music Jazzy instrumental by Rebz aka Omari

In this episode we look at how your beliefs and family patterns can affect your ability to make and save money.

I will also speak about the solutions to making your money work for you and my current offering of the Money, Manifestation kit free to...

Oct 22, 2018

The is the first episode of our Rebranded show now called The Candid Conversations show. 

Today I discuss Shame and Vulnerability and how it affects our daily lives, relationships, jobs and mental health.


Trigger warning ! This episode may bring up old feelings so I have included links that you visit and use for...